Nutrition and Active Living

Health Promotion Council’s Nutrition and Active Living Department operates a variety of services that target multiple levels of influence, settings and strategies to promote healthy and sustainable habits. These include health promotion programs that focus on improving individuals' behavior through educational activities or other intrapersonal strategies, as well as systems and policy-change initiatives to ensure that communities have access to healthy food and safe places to be active.

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change Approaches

Healthy Out of School Time: Health Promotion Council’s Healthy Out of School Time program offers a variety of training and technical assistance opportunities on healthy eating and physical activity for staff at Out of School Time sites throughout Philadelphia. Health Promotion Council’s Healthy Out of School Time service can help sites and staff reach program and professional development goals through customized training, as well as ongoing support and technical assistance. Training topics include the importance of healthy eating, reading a nutrition facts label, how to lead a cooking demonstration, physical activity recommendations, resources for youth, and healthy role modeling.

Training and Technical Assistance for Food Service Departments: Since the establishment of the Philadelphia Nutrition Standards in 2010, Health Promotion Council has provided nutrition education and technical assistance to city-funded agencies on healthy cooking practices, recipe and menu development, and procurement policies. Through in-person collaborative culinary and nutrition trainings and on-site training and technical assistance, Health Promotion Council adapts and implements the Philadelphia Nutrition Standards at eligible Food Service Departments. This training and technical assistance aims to facilitate healthy food selection processes and improve the nutritional quality of foods served by participating institutions, agencies, and organizations that purchase, sell, serve, or otherwise provide food to clients, patients, and employees.

Pennsylvania Healthy Food Pantry Toolkit: Health Promotion Council in partnership with The Food Trust and Einstein Medical Center developed the Pennsylvania Healthy Food Pantry Toolkit. The Toolkit uses a train-the-trainer model to guide nutrition educators to support pantry staff and volunteers in adopting practices that promote a healthier pantry environment, at both bag and choice pantries. Download the toolkit HERE.

Breastfeeding Friendly Shelters Initiative: Health Promotion Council, in partnership with the Children Hospital of Philadelphia Homeless Health Initiative, the Philadelphia Department of Health, and the Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services, provides training and technical assistance to city-funded family shelters with adapting and expanding existing policies to protect breastfeeding residents and their children. The implementation of this policy is designed to: (1) improve the experience of pregnant and breastfeeding residents using emergency and temporary housing, and ensure they are treated justly according to the law; and (2) clearly communicate to all staff and residents the appropriate procedures and protocols for supporting breastfeeding residents. Health Promotion Council continues its partnership with the Office of Human Services, working with shelters to train staff as breastfeeding champions who serve as a resource for residents and support the implementation of the breastfeeding policies.