Family Services

The Family Services Department aims to improve maternal, child, and family health and well-being through targeted case management, home visiting, parenting education, and community-based patient navigation services that connect individuals and families with the health care and social services that best meet their needs.

Parenting Education

Focus on Fathers

Funding for this project was provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Grant: #90ZJ0033. These services are available to all eligible persons, regardless of race, gender, age, disability, or religion.

Focus on Fathers (FOF) is a community-based fatherhood support program that offers parenting education, case management, and job readiness training. FOF helps fathers create and maintain healthy, positive involvement in their children’s lives. Since 2001, FOF has served more than 350 individuals annually, including fathers, stepfathers, and other male caregivers, as well as couples and co-parents, throughout Philadelphia.

The overall goal of these services is to increase the participation of fathers in activities that support an active and positive parenting role.

All of our services are free and voluntary, and are open to any Philadelphia father who has a child ages 24 or younger. 

Visit our Focus on Fathers website here for more information on how we can support you in your journey of being a father.

Successful Outcomes

  •  FOF annually serves more than 300 fathers through parenting education courses.
  •  At the end of program, 98% of respondents said they feel more confident that they have the necessary skills to be an effective parent.
  •  More than 90% self-reported improvements in their parenting and relationship skills.


Relationship Education in the Mix (REMix)

Funded by the DHS Parenting Collaborative.

Relationship Education in the Mix (REMix) is a community-based healthy relationship and healthy co-parenting education program that offers structured group education to couples and co-parents. Since 2011, REMix has served more than 150 individuals annually throughout Philadelphia. The goal of REMix is to help parents meet the everyday emotional and communication needs of their relationship in order to maintain a healthier base from which to raise their children.

Successful Outcomes

o 95% of respondents reported they increased their knowledge about parenting as a result of class participation.

o 90% of respondents reported making positive changes in their parenting behaviors by the end of the course.